Hi, we’re the Kenowa AMBUCS. Our goal is to inspire mobility & independence in the West Michigan community.

Our Message

Most of us knows someone — a relative, a neighbor, a friend or acquaintance, or possibly even our self — with physical or other challenges. And, some of these challenges may have prevented them from participating fully in our community. Kenowa AMBUCS was started in the 1950’s with the goal of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with others to make a difference.

We donate custom-designed tricycles (called AmTrykes) to people of all ages so they can gain added independence. We provide motomats to local communities with shorelines, so wheelchairs can be even more mobile and reach the water. We add playground equipment to allow those with disabilities to participate with their friends. And, since we realize that physical therapists and speech therapists are a big support system, we provide scholarships to therapy students whenever possible.

Our two main fundraising efforts are the Memorial Day Parade and Race & the Denim and Diamonds fall banquet. But, know that we’re not your typical business club. Our members enjoy getting together for a monthly luncheon as well as an after-work drink. We laugh at ourselves and each other and it’s not out of character for someone to even heckle a presenter. We build long and lasting friendships within our group while we help those in our community build stronger friendships as well.

Please come and check us out.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.

– Jesse Doe