Kenowa Courier – 8/20/19

Jason Postma, supported by his Postma family pit crew, was our speaker today. Jason has a very calm personality for someone who shared with us the incredible pressures of being on competitive auto and truck racing teams at the highest levels. Jason and his wife and daughter are local now (visit him at DeWitt Auto) but he spent several years in North Carolina with race teams including crewing for at least 2 race wins. He shared with us stories, pictures and videos from famous tracks and we all learned about being tight, getting loose, track bar adjustments, tire pressures, audibles, liners, catch cans, camber, tape, adhesive, rifle sights, guns, torque, work outs, coaches and what happens to team members who screw up and cost the team time as short as one second.

Jason was in charge of 7 sets of race day tires (his first kids) for Red Horse Racing that cost over $2000 and was part of the over-the-wall crew that was expected to endure 12-14 seconds of “planned chaos” multiple times each race. I think he said his team wins came at MIS and in Canada and they were clearly memorable career highlights. He also shared the scrutiny and punishments that came with falling short in that competitive environment and the fact that he could only attend his brother’s wedding as a cardboard cutout as the ceremony conflicted with the race schedule. The experience he related was together exciting, stressful and dangerous. It was a great program to match a great club turnout. If you couldn’t be there, please join us soon.

Denim & Diamonds On Track

Only 2 months to go until Friday, October 11 from 6-11p at the Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville. The committee continues to work (including a meeting this morning) and gather sponsorships and auction items. Look soon for an e-vite in your in-box. We are hoping to generate a strong turn out and counting on the participation of everyone in both the Kenowa and Walker Chapters. Contact Beth (446-7026 or for more details, to sign up as an event sponsor or to donate auction items.

Reminder: We would like to create a short video for that night to highlight what the Ambucs do with funds received and so need to make contact with a few folks who have benefitted from Ambuc support – AmTryke recipient, playground builders, therapy or medical equipment recipients, scholarship winners, etc. If you have the name and contact info of such a person who may be open to participating, please send them to Ken Krombeen ( as soon as possible.

Chapter Miscellaneous

Family Hope Foundation: The club received a nice thank you note from FHF on our continuing partnership on therapies for their clients that are not covered by insurance.

Chapter Board: The next Board meeting is noon on Tuesday, August 27 in the conference room at Grandville City Hall, 3195 Wilson Ave SW. All are welcome.

Medical Equipment Loans: Refer any medical equipment loan contacts to the Family Network of Wyoming, 1029 44th Street SW, Wyoming (616) 885-9919

Big Hat Days: The first club meeting of September, December, March and June are Big Hat Days (BHD). Big Hatters, please wear your Stetsons to the club meeting on those dates. Next BHD is September 3.

Fun Fact: According to, the average Formula 1 racecar pit stop is less than three seconds. In the time it took you to read that, the driver parked, the car was jacked up, nearly two dozen guys changed all four tires and the car was off and running again.

Quote of the Day: “Auto racing began five minutes after the second car was built.” – Henry Ford


Aug 27: Chapter Board Meeting. Noon @ Grandville City Hall

Sept 3: Chapter Meeting (Noon @ Sunnybrook). Speaker TBD. BIG HAT Day.

Sept 17: Chapter Meeting (Noon @ Sunnybrook). Ellen Johnson, Climate Reality Project

Oct 2-5: Ambucs National Convention in Pittsburgh

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