Kenowa Courier – 7/16/19

New member Andy Tabisz from Work Smart was our speaker today. He introduced the 11 Ambucs present to “Rocky”, his AI-Bo (Artificial Intelligence – Robot) puppy. The first version of Rocky was created by Sony in 1996 then discontinued in 2005 until re-released as a more realistic puppy in 2018. His price tag is about $3000 and he has 3000 moving parts, 2 OLED displays in his very lifelike eyes, a camera in his nose and sensors on his back, head and under his chin. Owners can pick the gender, eye color, name and the language you need him to understand. The pup then learns as he goes. 

He can identify up to 100 different faces and will learn his master’s likes to be able to do things without prompting. Rocky can also learn by watching other AI-Bo’s. He can sit, run, shake, play dead, kick his ball, pick up and throw his bone, sing songs, take pictures, bark, whine and pant. Rocky knows when his battery is running low and he walks himself autonomously to the charging mat where, in about 2 hours, he is fully ready to go again. Amazing to watch the technology in him. 

Andy’s goal for Rocky would be to take him to homes nursing homes/assisted living facilities for those with disabilities to provide residents with companionship and entertainment. Andy and Rocky have already visited Harbor house and worked with two residents where, within 15 minutes, Rocky could recognize the residents and follow commands. The only state you cannot get an Ai-Bo is Illinois as they have a law that does not allow for retinal scanning. At the meeting, Rocky seemed to like Rod the most – he kept walking the table to scan him and bark. 

Quick (Kibbles &) Bits 

  • REMINDER: We are still seeking a willing volunteer to serve as the club Vice President. Please consider helping out in this way and contact President Dawn Martinson. 
  • There is discussion of a potential fun event attending “music in the park” as a group. Just need a volunteer to set it up. 
  • If anyone wants to go to the National Conference in Pennsylvania, please let Dawn know and we can work out payment for our group to be represented. 

New Tricks 

Scott once again offered to put together 30-second PSA’s for the Kenowa Ambucs on his radio station, WYGR – “The New Jethro”, 94.5 FM. He is working with Andy now and will update the group on how that goes. He says he would like 2-ish talking points on the member and their business and then 2ish talking points about Ambucs and why you are a member and he will put a script together and then schedule a time for you to come and read it. Awesome opportunity for our members. Contact Scott at

Doggone Denim & Diamonds 

Denim & Diamonds Committee: The committee will meet again on July 24 at 9:00a at Kelli’s office in Grandville. Please stop in. Thanks to Ron VanSurksum, we have a repeat headlining sponsor in Advanced Asset Management and several sponsors at lesser levels. These sponsorships are critical to our success so please see the attachments to this email with additional information on how you can become a sponsor. A critical need is also securing items for the silent auction and President Dawn has asked every member to make the effort to donate or secure at least one item from business, friends, family, etc. The event will be held on Friday, October 11 from 6-11p at the Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville. Contact Beth (446-7026 or for more details, to sign up as an event sponsor or to donate silent auction items. 

Chapter Miscellaneous 

Chapter Board: The next Board meeting is noon on Tuesday, July 23 in the conference room at Grandville City Hall, 3195 Wilson Ave SW. All are welcome. 

Medical Equipment Loans: Refer any medical equipment loan contacts to the Family Network of Wyoming, 1029 44th Street SW, Wyoming (616) 885-9919 

Big Hat Days: The first club meeting of September, December, March and June are Big Hat Days (BHD). Big Hatters, please wear your Stetsons to the club meeting on those dates. Next BHD is September 3. 

Fun Fact (Doggy Version): According to, dogs can tell time with scent. As air currents in your home move, smells move with them, and your dog becomes used to the way the house smells at specific times of the day. When the house’s smell changes to just the right scent, they can remember that a specific thing is about to happen – such as a kid coming home from school. 

Quote of the Day: “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”  – Roger Caras 


July 23: Chapter Board Meeting. Noon @ Grandville City Hall
Aug 6: Chapter Meeting (Noon @ Sunnybrook). Speaker is John, director of the Challenger Division from Grandville Little League.
Aug 20: Chapter Meeting (Noon @ Sunnybrook). Speaker TBD.
Oct 2-5: Ambucs National Convention in Pittsburgh 

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