Kenowa Courier – 10/17/17

The Official Newsletter of the Kenowa Chapter of AMBUCS – Chartered May 28, 1957. President: Kelli Williams – Vice-President: David Hodge – Treasurer: Doug Levering Secretary: Andrea Spagnoulo – Sergeants: Rod Weersing and Nick Bakker

Today’s Meeting: 

“Branding Time” is continuing and we had Big Hats in evidence and a couple of guests as well. Michelle Slack of Tutor Doctors was a guest of Marcella and Chris Nemeth of Waste Management was a guest of Beth. Our “Jenison Day” speakers were Georgetown Township Supervisor Jim Wierenga and Jenison Public School Superintendent Tom TenBrink. Supervisor Wierenga told us Georgetown is the 7th largest township in the state with a population of 51,000 and that it operates on 2.75 mills with 29 full time employees. He stated township residents don’t want a lot of government and the emphasis is on a maintaining a friendly community with great schools and low taxes. They take pride in their parks and trails and are working on extending trails to provide more connectivity with adjacent communities and with the Grand River. Development on tap includes a hotel and Popeye’s Chicken on the former K-Mart site and a Tommy’s Car Wash on the former Mr. Fables site. They also are obtaining properties on Baldwin Street near I-196 as they can to upgrade the appearance of a main entrance to the township.

Superintendent TenBrink said the JPS has worked to become a “destination” school district and that strategy seems to be working as evidenced by its highest student count in history this year (5300) and the fact that 26% of the student population comes from outside district boundaries, by choice. He highlighted programs such as Spanish immersion, high school advanced placement courses, STEM in elementary schools and a broad range of quality music programs as key in families selecting JPS as their school of choice. He also spoke about the high participation of fathers in an elementary school “Watchdog Dad’s” program to get dads on elementary school grounds on a daily basis.

Thanks to both of our speakers for bringing our club good information and their latest news today.

50/50 Winner:   No drawing today.

Ice, Ice Baby

Save the date for the annual Griffins hockey game social/slash/fundraiser on Friday night, December 15. As in past years, we will purchase an allotment of tickets to the game at a discounted rate and resell them to family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to raise money for our club mission. In addition, we will man the VanAndel Arena concourse booths before and during the game to sell “Throw for Dough” hockey pucks to raise additional dollars with all those proceeds going to the club. We are counting on all members to volunteer to help at the puck booths on game night and, in advance, to sell or buy game tickets.   Every member is asked to sell or buy at least 10 tickets to help us reach our GOAL (insert sound of ship’s horn blowing loud here).

Our Fundraiser Has A First Name, It’s O-S-C-A-R

The 2018 Oscar’s Committee is ramping up and volunteers are needed. Please contact Beth Carroll ( to join and help on one of our group’s key fundraisers. The group will meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at a location TBD.

Chapter Miscellaneous

Restaurant Calendar Fundraiser with Walker Ambucs:   Our club members have secured 2 restaurants – the Villa and Amore, to beef up next year’s calendar effort. More info later on how you can participate.

Medical Equipment Loans:   Refer any medical equipment loan contacts to the Family Network of Wyoming, 1029 44th Street SW, Wyoming (616) 885-9919

Fun Fact:   According to National Retail Federation, Halloween is the 2nd largest commercial holiday in America after only Christmas.  Consumers spent $5.8 billion on candy, costumes, decorations, etc. in 2010 and that number increased to nearly $7 billion in 2015.

Quote of the Day:  “When you are good to others, you are best to yourself.“  — Benjamin Franklin


Oct 18-21:           Ambucs National Convention @ Lake of the Ozarks
October 24:        Chapter Board Meeting. Noon @ Grandville City Hall (Lunch = Beth)
November 7:      Chapter meeting (Noon at Sunnybrook).
November 21:    Chapter meeting (Noon at Sunnybrook).

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