Kenowa Courier – 10/3/17

The Official Newsletter of the Kenowa Chapter of AMBUCS – Chartered May 28, 1957. President: Kelli Williams – Vice-President: David Hodge – Treasurer: Doug Levering Secretary: Andrea Spagnoulo – Sergeants: Rod Weersing and Nick Bakker

Today’s Meeting: 

A minor illness kept me away from last Tuesday’s Kenowa Ambuc meeting. President Kelli had some meeting notes but then she, too, fell under the weather so this newsletter is delayed a week but, as they say, better late than . . .

“Branding Time”, the annual fall new member push, is underway and V.P. Hodge put together a “Grandville Day” program that drew a number of guests (sorry, I don’t have those names at this writing) and featuring Grandville Mayor Steve Maas leading a panel discussion on what is happening in Grandville. The Mayor highlighted the new Grandville community choir of about 60 people that has started performing at various community events, the “Castle” apartment development with more units but smaller footprint than initially-proposed, five candidates running for 3 spots on the City Council with interviews taped for social media and community access television featuring Ambuc Scott Pastoor as the interviewer, efforts toward a new Grand River kayak launch accessible to those with disabilities (potential for Ambuc partnership on this project) and a possible library expansion including community space with a fundraising feasibility study underway.

The Grandville-Jenison Chamber of Commerce reported they are at about 450 current members and that October is a recruiting month for that organization.  They will hold their annual fall expo in Jenison and spring expo in Grandville. A member benefit that allows use of the Chamber’s bulk mail permit for 200 or more pieces saves more than 50% on postage costs for the members while the Chamber does all the leg work. They are also starting new “meet your neighbors” events on the 2nd Friday in Jenison and the 4th Friday in Grandville so businesses can connect on a personal level. The Chamber also has interest in a “lunch and learn” event with non-profits like Ambucs, Grandville-Walker Foundation, etc. to make important connections in that area.

Thanks are due to Dave Hodge for putting together and ably hosting this meeting.

50/50 Winner:   No drawing today.

Kenowa Ambucs Donate Medical Equipment

Two weeks ago, the Kenowa Ambucs turned over its remaining durable medical equipment to the Family Network of Wyoming (FNW).   FNW has an existing, larger lending inventory and staff and transportation resources conducive to perform this lending service to the community in the future. Much of the equipment we had on hand was older and no longer demanded or had reached the point of being outdated and hard to maintain for our all-volunteer group. We transferred several old wheelchairs, a good number of walkers and a large supply of crutches. They had particular interest in the two newer knee scooters we have that are currently out on loan and will be provided to them when returned by the borrowers. Anyone who makes known a medical equipment need to our club members in the future should be directed to the FNW. The contact information is:

Family Network of Wyoming, 1029 44th Street SW Wyoming MI 49509 (616) 885-9919

During the transfer, we also found and alerted Curt Stuck to an AmTryke (minus seat) that was mixed in with the equipment.  We retained it in the hope that it might be refurbished and reused.

Teaming Up

As a group at last Tuesday’s meeting, we decided to pursue the restaurant calendar fundraiser with Walker and, already, Doug Postma and Doug Levering have secured restaurants that will participate.

Chapter Miscellaneous

Family Hope Foundation Annual Carnival:   We will need the usual volunteers with the AmTrykes at this October event. Date to be announced.

Thank You Note:   “Thank you so, so much for gifting me with a chapter scholarship. Your generosity paid for almost the entirely of my clinical dues which was a huge blessing. I very much enjoyed meeting you all and learning more about what you do – you’re doing some pretty cool things! Thanks again. — Erin Meyer

Fun Fact:   According to, there are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with orange, purple or silver.

Quote of the Day:  “Woodrow Wilson remarked that, as President, he liked to put a man on an important job to see whether he grew or ‘just swelled.’”  —  Malcom Bingway  


October 17:   Chapter meeting (Noon at Sunnybrook).
Oct 18-21:   Ambucs National Convention @ Lake of the Ozarks
October 24:   Chapter Board Meeting. Noon @ Grandville City Hall (Lunch = Beth)
November 7:   Chapter meeting (Noon at Sunnybrook).

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