Kenowa Courier – 7/5/16

The Official Newsletter of the Kenowa Chapter of AMBUCS – Chartered May 28, 1957. President: Dawn Martinson – Vice-President: Kelli Williams – Treasurer: Doug Levering Secretary: Andrea Spagnoulo – Sergeants: Rod Weersing and

Today’s Meeting: 

Vacations and perhaps the need to clean up and/or recover from the Independence Day holiday, left us with a small but dedicated group of 11 Ambucs today at Sunnybrook Country Club.  Ambuc District Governor Rachel Nicks joined us to talk about Ambucs in general, Ambuc fundraising, fireworks and bad karaoke.  This meeting also marked the annual changing of the guard.  The 2016-17 Club Officers are Dawn Martinson/President, Kelli Williams/V.P., Doug Levering/Treasurer, Andrea Spagnoulo/Secretary and Rod Weersing/Sgt.  We need 1 more volunteer to assist Rod as Sergeant – light duty including room set up and selling 50/50 tickets.

We also heard today from long-time member Sheldon Cole that he will be leaving the club as he relocates to Clark Retirement Home on July 18.  Sheldon has been an Ambuc since 1989 and has served extensively on both the chapter level and as District Secretary-Treasurer.  His contributions and personality will be missed and he invites all his Ambuc friends to visit him at Clark Home on Franklin Street in Grand Rapids.

50/50 Winner:   No drawing today.

Kenowa Ambucs Swing Into Action

The Ambuc mission is to create mobility and independence for persons with disabilities and we do that in many ways.  Not often, however, is our help as instantaneous as it was late last week.  Mavis became aware through Facebook that a couple of young students at Hudsonville Christian School had embarked that day on a lemonade & cookie stand enterprise to raise funds for two new accessible swings at their school and she shared that with Chapter board members via e-mail.  Curt Stuck suggested we take a $500 check out immediately to their stand in order to pay for one of the swings.  The Board members quickly concurred and Curt was on his way, writing a check out to the girls at their stand.  When the day was done, the students had raised approximately $3,000.  We will be inviting the girls to our August 2 chapter meeting so you will want to be there that day to hear their story and their plans for the swings.

Adaptive Golf Clinic Adapts

This year’s Kenowa Ambucs/Mary Free Bed adaptive golf clinic was held at the Pines Golf Course in Wyoming on Monday, June 20.  Curt Stuck reports 9 very deserving child and adult golfers had a great day of golf and there were enough volunteers to give us a 1-to-1 ratio.  All the participants had time to drive some balls on the range, practice putting and play 2-3 holes prior to the occasion rising for an additional on-the-fly event adaptation prior to a summer storm coming through.  Everyone was routed to shelter before the storm hit and they enjoyed pizzas donated by Pizza Hut of Wyoming.  A big thank you to the Ambuc volunteers who turned out to help including one of our scholarship winners from a few years ago, Katie Kamyszek.  The event participants were very happy and we look forward to repeating this event next year.

Beer, Food, Music, Fun & Funds

The club staffed two 2-hour shifts at the Grandville 4th of July Beer, Bands and BBQ beer tent on Saturday, July 2 and will be rewarded with a share of the proceeds for our efforts.  The tent was bigger this year and also some outside space included.  The food, music and beer were all fine, the weather was good and attendance was strong.  Kelli Williams, who coordinated our club’s participation, reported that there were no major issues.  Other members who volunteered part of their holiday included Mavis, Nick, Scott, Beth, Dawn and Ken.

National Ambucs Fiscal Year Realignment

The Ambucs National Board of Directors has approved a change in the National Ambucs fiscal year from the current June 1 – May 31 to a calendar year fiscal year of January 1 – December 31 in order to align with the fiscal year with Amtryke, LLC.  There has been some confusion around this realignment; however, we are told this will not require any change of our officer terms.

Chapter Miscellaneous

Oscars Event Committee:  Contact Beth VanWieren to be part of the committee.

Medical Equipment Loans:  Kenowa Ambuc medical equipment is stored at the Grandville DPW.  Contact Marie Bonga at 538-1990 or e-mail her at if you have any medical equipment loan requests.

Exchange Student Housing:  Dawn has 6 high school students to place for the coming school year.  Let her know if you have room in your heart and home for an international student.


July 18:   Discounted Early Registration Ends for National Convention (Tucson AZ)
July 19:   Chapter meeting @ Sunnybrook. Dale Echavarria, Family Network of Wyoming.
July 26:   Chapter Board Meeting. Noon @ Grandville City Hall (Lunch = Williams)
August 2:   Chapter meeting @ Sunnybrook. The 2 youngsters from HCS may be present.
Sept 28-Oct 1:   Ambucs National Convention – Tucson AZ

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