Kenowa ??? – 4/21/15

The Official Newsletter of the Kenowa Chapter of AMBUCS – Chartered May 28, 1957. President: Beth Van Wieren – Vice-President: Mavis Byers – Treasurer: Doug Levering Secretary: Kelli Williams – Sergeants: Kay Janus and David Hodge


We start a fresh new Ambuc year on June 1st and I’m thinking it is also time for a fresh new name for the Chapter newsletter.  When the Klassified debuted in April of 2012, we didn’t engage in any market research, pull together focus groups or call in Don Draper to help us out.  It just went out under that name and nobody objected so it stuck.  Time to engage your creative side as we are now officially entertaining suggestions for a new newsletter name.  Please give or e-mail ( to me your suggestions and we’ll have the Board vote on a favorite at their May meeting and debut a new name in June.

Today’s Meeting: 


We had a nice crowd today — 17 Ambucs plus guests Case Westerbeek, Bill Chada and Ambuc Midstates Regional Director Mike Gray from Kalamazoo.  Our speaker was Jim Engelking of PCE Insurance who educated us on some important insurance matters including differences in basic coverages, employment practice liability insurance (EPLI), protection against business data breach and some surprising answers to auto insurance questions in Michigan.  The bottom-line is:  cheap insurance can cost you a lot of money.   Get educated about what you need and buy products that provide that coverage.


Regional Director Gray reminded us about the Ambucs National Convention this fall in Biloxi, MS.  He also delivered some awards patches our chapter has earned for our contributions to the Ambility Fund and National Scholarship program and he recognized Kelli Williams as Project Manager of the Year and Beth VanWieren as Ambuc of the Year.  Congratulations to Kelli and Beth on their well-deserved recognition.  Mike advised us our awards nominations for this year will be due on June 15.

50/50 Winner:    It was a “Super Special Single Pot” day and the big winner was Case Westerbeek. 

Batter Up – Spring Round Up 2015

Spring Roundup is one of two times per year the club focuses on bringing in new members.  Commissioner Marty today went over the rules for our Spring Roundup Baseball game and we drew our MLB teams.  If you weren’t there, Marty will assign you a team.  The rules are attached but, basically, everyone is asked to bring guests and sign up new members during the Roundup in order to qualify for prizes and every game your assigned team wins gets you a bonus point.  (I found myself surprisingly disappointed last night when the Pirates dropped a home game to the Cubs, 9-8, but I digress.)  Who will you invite to lunch with the Kenowa Ambucs?

Memorial Day Race & Parade

Our biggest annual fundraising event is the Memorial Day 5K road race and parade on Monday, May 25 in Georgetown Township.  All members are asked to help out your club by volunteering some time that morning.  In addition to raising funds for our mission, this is a fun and social morning with your fellow Ambucs, your willing family members and the community.  Plus, you’ll be done in plenty of time to enjoy the holiday.

This year we again expect 250+ runners and 100 parade entries.  Those volunteering to help on the parade should contact Mavis Byers in advance and arrive at the church marshalling area by 8:00 a.m.  Those volunteering on the race should make yourself known to Cherri Johns and arrive by 6:30 a.m. at Chemical Bank on Baldwin near 20th Avenue.  If you need an “Ambucs Volunteer” shirt for that day, please see Kelli Williams ASAP.

A race committee meeting will be held Tuesday, May 12 at Chemical Bank and all with an interest are welcome.  RSVP your attendance, and pizza preference, to David Hodge.

People Who Love The Kenowa Ambucs

The Kent Special Riding Program (KSRP) sent us a very nice thank you for the Chapter’s recent donation toward construction of their boarding ramp for disabled riders and for therapy riding scholarships.  All Kenowa members are invited and encouraged to attend the KSRP open house on June 25 from 6:30-8:30p at their riding facility located at 9705 Morse Lake Road in Alto.

We also received a very nice crayon drawing from Nathan in Grandville for the AmTryke Curt Stuck recently delivered.  Nathan was primed and ready for his first ride down Kenowa Avenue to the Burger King to see his sister at work.  His Mom also sent us a nice thank you card. 

Chapter Officers and Board

Vice-President Mavis Byers moves up to President on June 1 and Dawn Martinson will be the Vice-President.  We are still in need of a club Secretary (2-year term) and would ask anyone willing to serve in this capacity to contact Beth VanWieren as soon as possible.  The Secretary takes notes at Board meetings and files minor paperwork as necessary with National Ambucs.  We would also like to issue an open invitation to members interested in serving on the Club’s Board.  If you would be interested in appointment to the Board of Directors, please let Mavis Byers know of that interest now.

Champion Golf Clinic

This annual golf outing for young people with disabilities will happen at the Pines Golf Course on Tuesday, June 16.  See the attached flyer and please note there will be no regular noon meeting that day at Sunnybrook.  Instead, please join us at The Pines for a couple of hours of fun and food with some great kids.

Chapter Miscellaneous

Do You Have a Speaker Idea?  Do you know a potential lunch speaker or have an idea for a topic that might be of interest to our club members?  If so, please share that idea or contact information with in-coming Vice-President Dawn Martinson.

Kenowa Ambucs Medical Equipment Inventory:  The Club maintains a medical equipment inventory at the Grandville DPW.  If you know of someone who needs a wheelchair, knee scooter, bath chair, walker, crutches, etc., please refer them to Bonnie at 538-1990.

Club Calendar

April 28:   Board Meeting.  Noon @ Grandville City Hall (Lunch = Levering)
May 5:   Chapter Meeting @ Sunnybrook, Kelly Hanson, Licensed Massage Therapist
May 19:   Chapter meeting @ Sunnybrook.  Debra Johnson, Jenison Board of Education
May 25:   Annual Memorial Day 5K Race & Parade – Georgetown Township
May 26:   Board Meeting.  Noon @ Grandville City Hall (Lunch = Janus)
June 2:   Chapter meeting @ Sunnybrook.   Speaker TBA.
June 16:   Junior Golf Challenge @ Pines Golf Course.  (NO MEETING @ SUNNYBROOK)
June 25:   Kent Special Riding Club Open House (6:30-8:30p), 9705 Morse Lake Rd, Alto

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