Kenowa Klassified – 11/4/14

The Official Newsletter of the Kenowa Chapter of AMBUCS – Chartered May 28, 1957. President: Beth Van Wieren – Vice-President: Mavis Byers – Treasurer: Doug Levering Secretary: Kelli Williams – Sergeants: Kay Janus and David Hodge

Today’s Meeting: 

We had a great Election Day 2014 crowd today with over 20 Ambucs present plus guest Glen S, who runs Denny Engels’ internet store.  We also had the bonus of TWO programs – a double header in honor of the recent World Series, perhaps.  President-For-The-Day Kelli Williams did a nice job getting the meeting started very promptly and went right to the speakers so we were able to accommodate both programs with ease in our allotted time.


The first speakers were Kim Clark, Sandy Roelofs and Shauna Karel who are therapists with the Hudsonville Public Schools.  They work with students with physical, cognitive and autism spectrum disabilities using a variety of adaptive equipment including AmTrykes and a glider swing donated by our Kenowa Ambuc chapter, for which they expressed much appreciation.  We saw a video of how they work with their students and then member Rod Weersing was recruited to walk through an obstacle course they set up with a balance beam, rocker board, fish tunnel and more.  Rod mastered the course quickly.  We also were “hands on” with some toys, puzzles and other adaptive equipment they brought with them.


Sandy, Shauna and Kim explained how the video shows the students having fun and not realizing how hard they are working and how much they are learning.  It was also interesting to hear how they have found the AmTryke provides noticeable positive non-therapeutic benefits to students with autism spectrum disorders by stimulating them and providing body feedback that results in the students being calmer and more focused, even 30 minutes after they rejoin their academic classes after therapy sessions.  There was group interest in finding ways we can continue to assist these folks in their work through purchase or construction of needed equipment.


The 2nd program was presented by Duane Mingerink of Repocast, a state-licensed collections/repossession division of Miedema Auctioneering.  He dispelled some stereotypes about the “repo man” that may be reinforced through certain “reality” tv shows we see.  It is a tough job with a lot of rules that must be followed and requiring a lot of skills including creativity, communication and courage.  His folks are paid on commission and the items repossessed are sold in weekly on-line auctions.  Duane shared stories about a car repossessed in a Taco Bell drive-thru lane, a creative team member who lured a hard-to-catch debtor with an actual television presented as a prize and a lady who tried to attach herself to her car before it could be towed away.  Thanks to all of today’s speakers.


50/50 Winner:   We had no 50/50 drawing today – the time was donated to our speakers.

Masquerade Ball For All

The Masquerade Ball for All was a great success!  On October 30th, people of all ages and abilities came out to Sunnybrook in their best costumes to eat pizza and show off their best moves.  The music was pumping and there was always a crowd on the dance floor.  Ambuc Curt Stuck takes the unofficial award for “most enthusiastic dancer” for his energetic performance to the song “Shout”.

Prizes were awarded for the best costumes and tickets for door prizes were drawn a number of times throughout the evening.  Participants also went home with some extra goodies.  Thanks to all of our generous sponsors who made the day possible at no cost to the participants!  In addition to the Kenowa Ambucs and Harbor House Ministries, sponsors included:  Advanced Asset Management, Plastic Surgery Arts of West Michigan, Airway Oxygen, Mavis Byers of Culver’s of Jenison, Diamond Mortgage – Kelli Williams, Life Therapeutic Solutions, WYGR, Apogee Therapy, Brian and Beth VanWieren, Cheri Johns and Brenna Riemink.

Special Family Fun Fest

The Family Hope Foundation’s annual carnival-type event for families of the disabled is this Saturday, November 8 at the Delta Plex.  (  Several Kenowa AMBUCS have signed up to help out with the indoor bike course – if you are one of those, THANK YOU, and please report to the bike course at your scheduled time.  If you don’t know your time or haven’t signed up but wish to help, please contact Curt Stuck (

Holiday Party (?)

A holiday social is being formulated but the exact form and date have not yet been determined.  It may be during the holiday season or it may be after.  Member input will be sought on this so be alert for your opportunity to weigh in on the type of event you prefer.

Chapter Miscellaneous

Ambuc Thanks to Georgetown Fire Department:  The Kenowa Ambucs will be expressing our thanks to the folks in Georgetown who help us out with our Memorial Day race/parade during one of their training events this Thursday at 7p.

Griffins Game Fundraiser:   Kelli Williams now has the tickets for our Griffin game on Friday, December 5.  It is a $2 dogs & beer night plus we will have a “Throw for Dough” to raise more for our Ambuc mission.  Pre-sales have been very successful and now is the time for you to make your purchase (discounted to $14) for your family, friends and co-workers.  Kelli requests that members email out to your database as many companies may be able to use that as both a tax write-off and a company Christmas event.   Your participation will make this a successful fundraiser.

Oscar’s Night:  Save February 21, 2015 for next year’s 2015 Oscar’s Night gala.  Open bar this year and no live auction, only silent.  Jenison-Hudsonville Community Foundation will be the 3rd partner along with Ambucs and Grandville Rotary Club.  Our invitations are being designed by high school students and Grandville Printing is donating their printing services.

Big Hat Day:   The first meeting of each Ambuc quarter – June, September, December and March.  Big Hats are also traditionally worn at any meeting during Branding Time and Spring Round-up.

Club Calendar

Nov 11:   Memorial Day Race Committee Mtg.  Noon @ Chemical Bank – Jenison
Nov 18:   Chapter Meeting @ Sunnybrook.   Jessica Bootsma, Kent Special Riding Program
Nov 25:   Board Meeting.  Noon @ Grandville City Hall (Lunch = Pastoor)
Dec 2:   Chapter Meeting @ Sunnybrook.  Bridget Smedes, Genesis Woods.  (Big Hat Day)



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