Kenowa Klassified – 8/19/14

The Official Newsletter of the Kenowa Chapter of AMBUCS – Chartered May 28, 1957. President: Beth Van Wieren – Vice-President: Mavis Byers – Treasurer: Doug Levering Secretary: Kelli Williams – Sergeants: Kay Janus and David Hodge

Today’s Meeting:

A lighter crowd on a darker day. 19 total in attendance including 3 guests and our speaker. The Ambucs were dry indoors but anyone caught out on the Sunnybrook course got very wet. Guests today included Jordyn, a GVSU student brought by Jeff Carter; Price Kriekaart brought by Jason Minier and our speaker’s mom (and Rogalski Office Manager) brought by Marty.  V.P. Mavis chaired our meeting. She did a good job of getting things started promptly and we finished up before 1:00.


Katie Kamyszek spoke to us about how Kenowa Ambuc scholarships helped launch her professional career as a speech pathologist. She went through CMU for her undergraduate studies where she took interest in the subject of communication disorders and then moved on to EMU for a 3-year Master’s program to become a speech pathologist. She has now taken that training to her new position on staff of the National Heritage Academy Charter Schools where she will have a caseload of approximately 40 students.


On her educational journey she has worked with both children and adults who have faced communication problems due to a range of issues from autism to strokes. Katie credits her Ambucs scholarships with helping her with book and tuition costs and reducing the stress that comes with the extended educational requirements necessary to pursue her passion.

50/50 Winners: Heather S. and Angie F.

And We Danced (The Hooters, 1985)


Mavis reported that the 3rd annual Jenison Street Dance last weekend was again a success. The weather was great and the estimated attendance for the event was 5-6,000 toe tappers.


Chapter Miscellaneous

District Board Meeting:   Today’s District Board meeting at Johnson Park has been canceled due to weather and rescheduled for Tuesday, August 26 at 6 pm. Subway will be provided, please bring sides to pass and your own beverage.

Oscar’s Night:   If you have a suggestion for a local non-profit organization with a compatible mission to the Ambucs to include in on our 2015 Oscar’s Night event and share the proceeds, please let Beth or Mavis know.

Host Families Needed:   Dawn Martinson is looking for hosts for 18 international exchange students and she needs them by next Friday. Do you have room for a student at your house? If you can’t commit to a full school year, consider being a “Welcome Family” for 6 -8 weeks. Contact Dawn now if you can help.

Firefighter Kevin Sikkema Fundraiser:   Culver’s is hosting a fundraiser day on September 27 for the family of a Georgetown Township firefighter stricken with brain cancer. Stop in on that day for a meal to help out this family in need.

DJ Dance:   The DJ dance for disabled community members in conjunction with Harbor House has been set for Thursday, October 30 from 5-9:00 p.m. at Sunnybrook. It will have a masquerade theme.

Family Hope Foundation:   Annual event at the DeltaPlex is coming up on 11/8. Kenowa AMBUCS again doing a booth so volunteers will be needed.

Big Hat Day:   The first meeting of each Ambuc quarter – June, September, December and March. Big Hats are also traditionally worn at any meeting during Branding Time and Spring Round-up.

Club Calendar

Aug 26: Board Meeting. Noon @ Grandville City Hall (Lunch = Krombeen)
Aug 26:   Rescheduled District Board Meeting (6 p.m. at Johnson Park)
Sept 2:   Chapter Meeting @ Sunnybrook. Speaker = TBA (Also Big Hat Day)
Sept 16:   Chapter Meeting @ Sunnybrook. Speaker = TBA
Sept 23:   Board Meeting. Noon @ Grandville City Hall (Lunch = Stuck)

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