Kenowa Klassified – 6/03/14

The Official Newsletter of the Kenowa Chapter of AMBUCS – Chartered May 28, 1957. President: Beth Van Wieren – Vice-President: Mavis Byers – Treasurer: Doug Levering Secretary: Kelli Williams – Sergeants: Kay Janus and David Hodge

Today’s Meeting:

It was the changing of the guard today as Beth (re)assumed her duties as President.  Vice President Mavis Byers was unable to attend.  There were 18 Ambucs and David Carter, son of Jeff Carter, was a guest.  David will be joining Jeff in his practice as a Physical Therapist upon his graduation this summer from UM and will also be joining the Kenowa Ambucs.

Our speaker was Counselor Ashley Rice of Interactive Health Consultants who spoke to us about Caregiver Fatigue (CF) that many people with caregiver responsibilities experience.  A 2000 survey showed that 2/3 of caregivers had health problems of their own and ½ experienced feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.  Symptoms of CF include depression, irritability, anxiety, change in sleep patterns, over reactiveness and guilt feelings when spending any time on themselves.  Time is a big issue for caregivers – it is much demanded but a limited commodity and so caregivers often lose balance in their lives as they drop things like exercise, helping their kids with homework and activities that relax or recharge them.  Ashley’s suggestions for ways to combat CF include involving family and friends in the caregiving responsibilities, taking time to connect with others outside of the caregiving process, taking a minimum of 30 minutes per day for personal time, spending time laughing and making sure to eat, sleep and exercise right to take care of their own bodies.

50/50 Winners: Kay Janus and Rod Weersing

Seinfeld Challenge Answer: The question two issues ago was which of the foods on the following list were NOT prominently featured in a Seinfeld episode: marbled rye bread, soup, big salads, calzone, Junior Mints, mangos, non-fat yogurt, fusilli, Pez, Beef-a-Roni, muffins.  This was a trick question as all of the items on the list were featured in episodes. Dave Hodge saw through the ruse and correctly answered.  The bonus question was: Waiting for a table at what type of restaurant was the focus of an entire Seinfeld episode?  The answer, Chinese, was correctly provided by several Ambucs.

Today’s trivia question comes courtesy of Marty Rogalski.  Your category is “Pop Music” and this should be a real challenge:  Name two pop songs whose lyrics contain references to today’s date – June 3rd.  Hint: One of the songs references a Mississippi bridge.

Hey, We’re Getting Real Good At This

The club was basking in a job well done today on the recent Memorial Day 5K Race & Parade.  In celebration, we had cake for dessert.  Mavis Byers, Cheri Johns, Kelli Williams and Dave Hodge were singled out to receive particular accolades and nice hanging baskets.  We had great participation in the event from many members who rose to the occasion and volunteered part of their holiday weekend to help out.  If I can get my hands on the volunteer sign in sheets, we will honor those volunteers by printing their names in a future edition of the Klassified.

Golf & Pizza at the Pines for Next Meeting

Do not go to Sunnybrook on June 17.  Instead, show up at 10:00 a.m. at the Pines Golf Course on Byron Center Avenue south of 44th Street to help out a great group of disabled folks who will be taking some swings and playing a few holes.  You don’t have to have any real golf skills to do this, just patience and a smile.  Fun and pizza (courtesy of Pizza Hut) is guaranteed.  We will resume our regular Sunnybrook lunch on July 1.

Has Anyone Seen My Beer Goggles?

Save the evening of Thursday, July 3 to help out at a new fundraiser — a beer tent in downtown Grandville in conjunction with the 4th of July festivities.  Work the tent or just stop in for a cold one and live music.  Further details will be coming soon.

Chapter Miscellaneous

Board of Directors Invitation:   Anyone interested in serving on the 2014-15 Kenowa Ambucs Board should make that interest known to Beth ASAP. Board meetings are held from noon to 1:00 p.m. on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

Harbor House Golf Outing:   June 20. See Peg Driesenga for details if you would like to play.

DJ Dance:   The DJ dance for disabled community members sponsored in part by our Chapter has been set for Thursday, October 30 at Sunnybrook. It will have a masquerade theme. Details to follow.

Big Hat Day:   The first meeting of each Ambuc quarter – June, September, December and March. Big Hats are also traditionally worn at any meeting during Branding Time and Spring Round-up.

Club Calendar

June 3:          Chapter Meeting @ Sunnybrook.
June 17:        Junior Golf Challenge @ The Pines (No lunch meeting @ Sunnybrook)
June 24:        Board Meeting. Noon @ Grandville City Hall (Lunch = Van Wieren)
July 3:           Beer Tent fundraiser in Downtown Grandville

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