Kenowa Klassified – 5/6/14

The Official Newsletter of the Kenowa Chapter of AMBUCS – Chartered May 28, 1957. President: Jason Minier – Vice-President: Beth Van Wieren Treasurer: Doug Levering Secretary: Kelli Williams – Sergeants: Kay Janus and David Hodge

Today’s Meeting: 


21 Ambucs gathered at a sunny Sunnybrook today.  Heike Cunningham, RDN, a Nutritionist and associate of new member Jeff Carter, gave a very nice presentation on the Top 3 Health Habits we should all be considering with regard to how we eat.


They are (1) Awareness (2) Portions and (3) Planning.  “Awareness” is the most important.  We need to become more aware of when we are hungry, when we are full and how fast we are eating.   Practice “mindful eating” where we take some time to really consider these things.  Avoid waiting to eat until we are famished and then eating until we are beyond full.  “Portions” refers to controlling those famously huge American food portions.  Use smaller plates, divide the plate into zones for protein (1/4), starch (1/4) and vegetables (1/2) and eat more slowly.  “Planning” means we make a grocery list before shopping, don’t shop when we are hungry or at times when the store is busy and stressful and attempt to shop only 1x per week.


When considering making these habits a priority, your chance of success will increase when you focus on just one improvement at a time and build off that – envision building a snowball.  If you can do that, you are on your way to being much healthier.


Dr. Ed Schmitt, a returning Kenowa Ambuc member, was sworn-in today.  Dr. Ed also advised us that his practice is sponsoring a contest for a $500 scholarship to a local high school student interested in studying the behavioral sciences in college.  Applications will be taken through May – more information is available via Jenison Psychological Services.

Seinfeld Challenge:  Which of the foods on the following list were NOT prominently featured in a Seinfeld episode:  marbled rye bread, soup, big salads, calzone, Junior Mints, mangos, non-fat yogurt, fusilli, Pez, Beef-a-Roni, muffins.  Bonus:  Waiting for a table at what type of restaurant was the focus of an entire Seinfeld episode?

50/50 Winners:  Dr. Ed Schmitt and Alex Rusticus

 It’s in the Hole!  (or, at least close to it)

The winners of the Spring Roundup contest were determined today by the ceremonial tossing of numbered golf balls on the 18th green.  Beth Van Wieren won $100 and Rod Weersing won $75.  If you want to cash out like this you will need to sponsor a new member to the club like Beth and Rod did.  Your next opportunity will be at Branding Time in October and November.

What’s The Hops?

Beth reported the necessary licenses have been secured for the July 3 beer tent fundraiser in downtown Grandville in conjunction with the 4th of July festivities.  Further details will be coming in the future but save that evening to help out either with the tent or the drinking.

I Love A Parade

Members are needed to sign up to help out at the Jenison Memorial Day 5K Race & Parade that is one of our major fundraisers.  Save some time that Monday morning to join your fellow Ambucs for a couple of hours to make sure all goes well.  Some of your fellow club members have made this a tradition for many years because, in addition to raising funds for our mission, it is a fun and social morning.  Family members are welcome and you’ll be done in time to still enjoy the holiday.

Chapter Miscellaneous

District Board Meeting:  This is tonight so, if you aren’t already signed up, you probably aren’t going.  If you are free at the last minute, contact Jason at

Junior Golf Challenge:  Date is June 17 at the Pines Golf Course.  No lunch meeting at Sunnybrook on this date.  Go to the Pines and have a blast with the kids as they take on both the course and their physical limitations (you don’t have to be a golf pro to do this).  Pizza Hut lunch will be served.

Harbor House Golf Outing:  June 20.  See Peg Driesenga for details if you would like to play.

Big Hat Day:   The first meeting of each Ambuc quarter – June, September, December and March.  Big Hats are also traditionally worn at any meeting during Branding Time and Spring Round-up.

Club Calendar

May 20:           Chapter Meeting @ Sunnybrook.  (No speaker – help assemble Memorial Day Race bags)
May 26:           Memorial Day Race & Parade in Georgetown Township
May 27:           Board Meeting.  Noon @ Grandville City Hall (Lunch = Weersing)
June 3:            Chapter Meeting @ Sunnybrook.
June 17:          Junior Golf Challenge @ The Pines (No lunch meeting @ Sunnybrook)

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